I HAVE lived in York for over 55 years but this is only the second time I have ever written to The Press but I feel compelled to do so after reading two articles in today's paper (August 5).

On page 14, Rachael Maskell is one of the signatories pleading for help for asylum seekers in Greece to come to York and whilst I, and many, many others have enormous sympathy for their plight, on Page 10 in the article on Decent Homes for Everyone she says that in York there are currently 1,600 households on York’s waiting list for houses.

I understand from an earlier report in the Press that 90 immigrants have already been placed in an hotel/hostel here.

Yesterday, at least 220 migrants landed on the south coast plus many others previously.

The numbers are growing daily. Another 120 were intercepted in the Channel only a day ago.

We are a very small country with many problems of our own - a serious housing shortage, a poor economy and more families than ever having to rely on food banks.

More people coming into our society will need money to survive, housing, education and more demands on the NHS.

How can this continue?

M Smith,

Dunnington, York