A YOUNG boy from North Yorkshire has set himself a running challenge to support the children’s ward at York Hospital.

Isaac Fawcett, from Newton-on-Ouse, started running with his mum, Jodie, during the lockdown by joining her on the ‘Couch to 5k’ programme.

They started out with bike rides but they felt that running may be more beneficial for them.

One day while out running, the youngster decided that he wanted to make the most of his efforts and fundraise for charity.

Isaac, 9, decided that he wants to support the children’s ward at York Hospital.

He has been running for six weeks now, completing three per week. He is aiming to keep going for another three weeks, when he will attempt to run a 5k.

Jodie said: “We started out be easing into it and we have built up our speeds over the weeks.

“We are so proud of him as he doesn’t want to do it for himself, but wants to support other people.

“He has suprised me, he is always so determined to go for a run.”

The pair have been running around their local area along a route which takes them near to Beningbrough Hall.

Isaac, who attends Linton Primary School, got in touch with York Hospital to let them know about his fundraising.

The Hospital replied praising his efforts and event sent him a t -shirt, which he is “chuffed,” to wear while out running.

The youngster set himself a target of raising £100 for the ward, as he saw this as “a lot of money for a 9-year old.”

However, he smashed this target in just 20 minutes and has already raised around £300, which he is looking to build on.

To support Isaac’s fundraising, visit his donation page at: https://bit.ly/3fB0yap