IS this the quirkiest garden in York?

With a hedgehog 'hotel' and planters made from a disused loo, sink, bidet, and fibreglass mannequin, Lynne Lea's New Earswick garden is certainly a talking point.

York Press:

Unusual planters in Lynne's garden

Lynne likes to upcycle all sorts of items for her garden. She said: "The bidet came from the Richard III Fayre in Sheriff Hutton in 1984 and was about to be smashed up.

"The 1970s Ideal Standard toilet came from my daughter's house she has done up. It was to be sold with the bath and basin until the scrap men smashed up the sink and bath for the taps. The half mannequin was dumped locally."

She added: "One person's rubbish another person's treasure."

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In her New Earswick garden, Lynne also has a beach hut made from a shed.

York Press:

Lynne's beach hut in her garden

Lynne says all her plants are grown from seeds donated by family and friends and from cuttings, conkers and acorns she has gathered.

York Press:

No vacancies at Lynne's hedgehog hotel

And she has regular visitors to her "Hog Hotel" - which currently carries the sign 'No Vacancies'.

And the best feature of her garden? Well there are a few. "All my upcycled features, the pond, the old bidet and 1970s Ideal Standard toilet and sink," she says.

Any gardening tips to pass on? "Leave space for hedgehogs to get in and always leave water and hoggie food."

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