PRAISE to City of York Council for encouraging everyone to continue playing their part in the fight against coronavirus by following social distancing guidance, reducing the spread of the virus and saving lives.

It fitted with Government's holding back on relaxations and the Chief Medical Officer saying we're at the outer-edge of what's allowable.

How, then, can CYC remove traffic restrictions on Bishopthorpe Road introduced specifically to make social distancing safe?

Safety is CYC's first responsibility and requires working to the key principle of 'At Lowest Achievable Risk Practicable' - as demonstrated lately in Bishopthorpe Road.

Giving up on the principle here risks injury and death from infection or an accident when someone steps into the road to avoid others.

As for the issue of cars using St Benedict Road, I believe councillors broadly agree on the solution; now officers must deliver. It's also time to address Nunnery Lane, perhaps with no-idling restrictions and revised traffic-light priorities.

In the meantime, re-instating social distancing in Bishopthorpe Road would be entirely consistent with national developments, the CMO's warnings and CYC's own urgings.

Or, aren't we to take them seriously?

David Judson

Bishopthorpe Road,