THE collective groans that echoed through York when Mr D’Agorne was appointed as Executive Member for Transport are getting louder by the day!

Why would anyone appointment someone with a proven long loathing of the car and expect to have common sense policies put in place?

The latest example being the revision of residents' parking throughout the city which is seriously going to penalise the over 60s and those who cannot afford to upgrade to what are considered ‘greener’ cars!

Put this together with less Blue Badge parking, online self-service, larger zones being created (I am guessing with little or no consultation) – mayhem and no thought for York residents.

Please can we have someone in this role who understands the needs of York residents, the fact that the car is here to stay and we want to use them.

We want roads we can use, we need to park and are even willing to pay for that, but not be ripped off.

The age old term 'cash cow' comes to mind.

Judith Morris,

Moorland Road,