HUNDREDS of Nestlé employees in York are having their temperatures checked every time they turn up for work as part of a company drive to keep the confectionery factory clear of coronavirus.

Nestlé UK CEO Stefano Agostini, speaking today to The Press and other media outlets, said thermal imaging technology was being used to check everyone entering the company's UK sites.

A spokeswoman said the move was an additional level of reassurance for employees.

"It takes your temperature as you walk past, and is calibrated to within 0.3 degrees so is pretty accurate," she said.

"If someone records a temperature above 37.8 degrees, an alarm sounds and the employee needs to wait a few minutes before retesting.

"If they still record an elevated temperature, they are required to leave the site in line with current Covid regulations that anyone with a fever should not be at work.

"We then expect them to take a test –in line with government guidance for anyone with Covid symptoms - and to self-isolate until they get the test result and are symptom free. Current guidance is to self -isolate for up to 10 days."