A NEW track and trace website for pubs, bars and restaurants has been created to replace pen and paper.

James Laden and Alex Wiseman have created the free Pub ID website for use across the north - and are now bringing the website to York and North Yorkshire.

The duo said they created the website following concerns that some venues are ignoring government guidelines asking them to collect customers’ details so they can be warned if someone develops Covid-19.

Mr Laden, 23, said they wanted to “move things into the 21st Century and provide a clear public health service” that would also make pubs “a safer and more secure place to help with the track and trace system”.

“You put your details in once and then you just click what pub or restaurant you’re in and that’s it,” he said.

“Not much is done on pen and paper these days.

“Instead, a customer would search for the venue on the app or scan a bar code.

“Their name, contact details and arrival time would be recorded, while venues are also given real-time occupancy updates.”

The data would then be available if requested by NHS Track and Trace.

The pair said the app would make tracking customers easier and more accurate.

James added: “If someone tested positive for Covid-19 they would be able to notify Pub-ID, who could then determine other users who had been in the pub at the same time.

“Landlords will no longer have to contact individuals separately,” he said.

“Nor will they have to politely persist in asking customers to sign their details with pen and paper.

“Instead, Pub-ID will calculate the individual’s location and notify all other users who were in the pub at the time, that they should self-isolate – maintaining the same data protecting methods used via the current system. And, in accord with the guidelines, all data by Pub-ID will be stored for no more 21 days and is accessible when requested by NHS Track and Trace.”

He added that the website is up and running in several pubs across Middlesbrough, including The Dickens, the Tipsy Cow and O’Connells.

James said: “We’re in discussion with pubs across Durham and York.

“We want to get as many pubs as possible onboard, primarily because we’ve all heard government leaders now saying pubs may close over schools if we can’t keep the coronavirus case rate down.

“Having a more efficient system like this could be the answer to keeping pubs open and creating a track and trace system that contacts and finds cases quicker.”

Pubs and customers interested in signing up can visit https://pub-id.com//