A 'LITTLE fibber' who gave police false details after damaging a hotel's perspex shield and then crashing a car 'won't be going anywhere soon,' police have said.

North Yorkshire Police Traffic Constable Dave Minto tweeted that officers received a report from a Harrogate hotel in relation to some 'troublesome guests,' one of whom damaged a Perspex shield in reception.

"The suspect was located a short while later driving a car whilst drunk," he said. 

"He had collided with a parked car prior to being stopped by police.

"After providing a positive roadside reading, he then provided a positive evidential specimen in custody.

"He was a little fibber though and gave false details. They never get away with it though and further checks revealed he wasn’t insured and possessed only a provisional licence."

He said the man was also wanted by another force, adding: "He won’t be going anywhere soon."