YORK cycling campaigners have welcomed the end of the cycle lane as it currently exists.

They also believe that York is well placed to win the race to get Government funding to turn the city into the UK’s first zero emission city.

York Cycle Campaign (YCC) was responding to the Government’s latest vision on making cycling and walking safer and more popular.

It includes plans to put physical barriers between vehicles and cyclists on the roads.

The statement came as the first of 21 double decker zero emission buses arrived in York for the Park & Ride services.

Kate Ravilious of the campaign said: “Many people are desperate to use their bike for everyday transport but terrified to mix it with the traffic.

“The lack of proper segregated cycle lanes is a huge barrier and is now one that the government will no longer tolerate.

“We will be delighted to see the back of those useless painted so-called ‘cycle lanes’ and look forward to segregation and the enhanced safety this will bring.”

It believes York's geography, Park & Ride facilities, bus electrification on ongoing plans to exclude all non-essential vehicle use from the city centre will enable it to win the bid for Government funds to create the country's first zero emission metropolis.

“We see the zero-emission city idea as a hugely exciting opportunity for York as it already has the many of the key elements required," she said.

"The final piece of the jigsaw is the political will.

"We call on the leadership of this great city to get on its bike and lead the way.

"This is the start of something profound and we’ll be right behind them” says the campaign.