CELEBRATIONS are taking place in York today (Saturday) to mark Yorkshire Day.

Members of the Yorkshire Ridings Society have read the Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity from two historic entrances to the city - Micklegate Bar and Bootham Bar - and walked the walls in groups of two or three.

The declaration - which asserts Yorkshire’s traditional boundaries - is made in Latin, Old English, Old Norse and modern English - each of the languages used in Yorkshire since its Viking predecessor the kingdom of Jorvik was founded in 875AD.

York Press: Members of the Yorkshire Ridings Society at Micklegate Bar. Picture: Ross PattersonMembers of the Yorkshire Ridings Society at Micklegate Bar. Picture: Ross Patterson

The Yorkshire Ridings Society said it created Yorkshire Day in 1975 to "ensure the integrity of the whole county." A day when all people can reflect on what Yorkshire means to them and to celebrate the achievements of its people.

Meanwhile, as part of the celebrations, the Visitor Information Centre team has been giving away free goodie bags for children today – including free soft drinks and a fun-filled activity trail.

Today marks the start of a month-long celebration of all things York and Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Day bunting has been put up in the city centre as part of the celebration.

Today also marks the reopening of some of York’s iconic attractions – including Clifford’s Tower, York Castle Museum and York Art Gallery.

In addition, key workers in York are being thanked for their extraordinary work during the coronavirus emergency with a week-long Key Workers Celebration which starts today.

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