A ROCK musician in York is set to release a new single, along with his debut music video as a solo artist.

Hot on the heels of Skylights hitting number two in the physical singles chart this summer, Leon Banks has produced a new track called ‘Perfume World’.

It is the lead single from his debut album set for release at Christmas.

In addition, York company, Turn Up The Noise, has produced a video to accompany the song.

Discussing his new work, Banks, 44, said: “Since the lockdown I have got back into writing music again.

“I wrote a few songs and got them up on iTunes and Spotify and had some really good feedback, but I knew I needed to take it a step further with a video.”

York-born Banks has been involved in music for nearly 30 years, as a performer, writer, guitarist, producer and technician.

His former band, Syncrownized, released a number of EPs and were a regular sell-out act on the Yorkshire gigging scene during the 1990s and 2000s.

Perfume World will be available for download on all major platforms from August 16.