"YORK doesn't need young people like you visiting," the city's district judge told a Gateshead woman.

District judge Adrian Lower had just heard how Sarah Louise Gray, 29, had racially insulted and attacked a doorman in the city centre, including spitting in his face.

The doorman had refused her and her friend entry into The Lowther at 10pm on November 23 because they were drunk, prosecutor Jane Chadwick told York Magistrates Court.

"I didn't understand why she had so much hatred for me," the doorman said afterwards to police.

Gray had told him he was denying her entry because he was black.

The district judge said: "I am entirely sick and tired of people coming to York who see it as some kind of adventure playground where they can get themselves drunk, behave in a thoroughly obnoxious manner and think there are no consequences.

"It is not just me who is sick and tired, it is anyone who lives or works in York."

He said of the racial attack: "This cannot happen and there is a price to be paid for it."

He banned Gray from going anywhere within the York Outer Ring Road for 18 months and ordered her to do 150 hours' unpaid work.

She must also pay £300 compensation to the doorman, a £32 statutory surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.

Gray, of Eastbourne Avenue, Gateshead, pleaded guilty to racial assault.

For her, Liam Hassan said she had been drunk.

"She is dreadfully embarrassed, regretful and remorseful for what happened," he said.

Her actions had been out of character.

She had never been in trouble with the police before.

Mrs Chadwick said Gray and another woman were staggering about and her speech was slurred when they approached the pub as part of a group. They were told they couldn't come in.

"I am not drunk," said Gray and claimed he was refusing them entry because he was black.

The group went to a nearby taxi rank and a man with Gray's group came back to apologise.

The doorman accepted the apology and turned to check the IDs of two other people waiting to enter.

Gray and the other woman then barged past him to go into the pub and he ran across to stop them.

The doorman told them again they couldn't go in because they were drunk.

They refused to go. Gray swore at him and punched the doorman twice in the mouth, injuring both his lips.

He grabbed her hands and she struggled as he escorted her out of the pub.

He put her to the ground. She spat at the doorman and some of the spittle landed on his face.

She also threatened that her boyfriend would find him and kill him.

Mr Hassan said Gray had a good job in the motor trade where she worked alongside people of different minorities without any problems.

The doorman told police the incident had left him very distressed and fearful.

"This was because of the colour of my skin and that is completely unacceptable," he said.

The district judge said the doorman had simply been doing his job.