York is beautiful, historic and generally a fantastic place to live- it is also home to many expensive properties.

The average cost of a detached property in York is estimated at £362,174- but some properties on York’s more expensive streets could fetch well over £1 million.

Here are the most expensive streets in York, according to data and ‘Zed Index’ estimates from Zoopla.

5 expensive streets in York
Google Map images are just for area guidance)

The Purey Cust

According to Zoopla, this is the most expensive street in York and the average property value is £1,157,423.

One three bed property on the street even fetched £4 million when it was sold in 2017.

Another pricey property has an estimated value of £1.32m-£1.98m.

Driffield Terrace

The average property value on Driffield Terrace is £972,870.

One of the street’s most expensive properties has an estimated value of £1.51m-£2.26 and it was last sold in 2019 for £1,750,000.


Zoopla estimates that the average property value on Brandsby is £946,584.

One eight bedroom flat sold for a whopping £4 million.

A five bed detached house on the street sold in 2013 for £1.4m.


The average propertie values in Crayke are estimated at £923,571.

One four bed property has an upper estimate of £1.12m and another one bed, one bathroom cottage sold for £1,122,150 in 2015.

St Saviourgate

According to Zoopla, the average property value on this street is £883,214.

A townhouse on this street has an estimated value of £1.63m-£2.45m- it was sold for £1,850,000 in 2017.