A WOMAN in York has launched an appeal to install a new wildlife crossing in the Haxby and Wigginton area to avoid further fatalities.

Jane Hood, who lives in Wigginton, wants to reduce the number of accidental deaths caused by drivers to the wildlife around the local ponds.

Jane said: “I want to raise awareness so people might be more considerate.

“The speed some people go at is unbelievable, I have seen a lot of wildlife injured or killed by careless driving.”

Jane is hoping that new measures, such as signs and a crossing, can be put in place to warn people about the local wildlife.

Jane went on to say: “Hopefully this will mean people will keep an eye out for them.”

The Wigginton resident also launched an appeal on her local Facebook page, which received a positive response.

As well as the local ducks, geese have also been injured by passing cars.

Jane believes that new measures will increase awareness for those who are passing through, not just residents.

She has been in contact with City of York Council to discuss the matter.