OVER the past three weeks I have had three visits to the recycling centre at Hazel Court.

On the first two visits no problems. I arrived at 10.30am and left at 10.40am.

On my second visit, I arrived at 1.30pm and left 1.40pm.

The whole experience was orderly. The click-and-tip system worked well.

This week I was unable to pre book my visit. I turned up at 2pm and joined the queue of cars and vans at the end of Hazel Court.

With the help of two council staff on the gate controlling the traffic, I arrived at the skips ready to unload at 2 25pm. Directed where to tip my rubbish I left the site at 2 50pm.

Social distancing was anything but controlled. The whole experience was a pain.

Not only was it stressful but most unfair on all the delivery lorries and vans attempting to deliver to the commercial units further down Hazel Court.

The council should consider sticking to the click system. It works well.

Ray Barker, Bowes Avenue. Tang Hall, York.