I CANNOT believe that councillor Andy D'Agorne and the City of York Council have the temerity to complain about so much lost revenue in parking charges when they are doing their best to keep cars out of the city centre.

Having your cake and eating it comes to mind.

I believe they are using Covid-19 as an excuse for closing city roads, such as Bishopthorpe Road, Fossgate etc.

Car drivers have to negotiate road bumps, chicanes, rising bollards, bus lanes and narrowed lanes to negotiate cyclists.

Motorists are paying road tax for less and less road space.

Make It York are desperate for tourists to return to the city, but why would they want to come to pay exorbitant parking fees while trying to work around our city?

City centre businesses are closing at an alarming rate due to unfair business rates.

Tourists and visitors will not return if they feel they and their cars are not welcome.

Wendy Carter,

Marston Crescent,

Acomb, York