A YORK-based chocolatier has launched a Best of British range to toast Yorkshire Day.

Linda Barrie, whose ethical Choc Affair brand is sold nationwide, has created a limited edition selection of hot chocolates and bars ahead of August 1.

The Best of British range boasts milk, dark and salted caramel flavoured drinking chocolates and bars. All the ingredients have been ethically sourced, are palm oil free and have been handmade in York by head chocolatier and operations manager, Richard Gibbons.

Linda, who has lived in York all of her life, said: “I love Yorkshire Day as it is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate Yorkshire’s vibrant and diverse culture.

"We have been hand-making and creating beautiful flavours of chocolate since 2006 and through sheer Yorkshire grit and determination, we’ve survived two unsettling periods - the 2008 financial crash and the current ongoing pandemic.

"This is all down to our wonderful customers, predominantly Yorkshire based, who rally around to support small local independent businesses, like ours, time and time again.”

Choc Affair was born when Linda started experimenting with chocolate at her kitchen table nearly 15 years ago.

It has since expanded into large premises in Jams Street after the brand went nationwide with many of their chocolates now being readily available in independent retail shops across the UK. 

"I wanted the Best of British range to have something for everyone in Yorkshire to enjoy," said Linda.

York Press:

Linda Barrie, pictured while making chocolate.

"Our dark drinking chocolates and bars, for example, are dairy-free, meaning they are suitable for those who have dairy intolerances or follow a vegan diet whilst the salted caramel range is perfect for those looking for a spot of indulgence.

"Finally, the milk chocolate is a classic, understated drink and bar which I envisage will be the more popular choice out of the range amongst our customers.

"We’ve seen a huge increase in consumers purchasing chocolate boxes from us in recent months, from our chocolate activity-making kits for children to our self-isolation chocolate boxes.

"Continuing with this new tradition, we’ve also created a Best of British Hamper which includes all the flavours so that our customers can experience proper Yorkshire chocolate happiness in a box.”

Linda added: “I think the range showcases Yorkshire chocolate making which was inspired by traditional Yorkshire values. York is well known historically for being the capital of chocolate making and I feel blessed that Choc Affair is continuing to play a small part in continuing with the city's chocolate journey.”