BORIS Johnson's Conservative government is launching a £90 million campaign to celebrate our glorious future outside the EU.

We learn that, if we travel anywhere in Europe we can each expect to: pay £60-£80 more in holiday insurance because our EU Health Card will no longer work; pay more for using our mobile phones; have to register four months in advance if we want to take our pets with us; and waste hours staring at border posts. Oh, and we’ll have to pay import duties on all our purchases as free trade disappears in a glorious no-deal Brexit.

Businesses have not been forgotten, they share the fun! They'll enjoy interminable lorry parks (cost: £705 million) and mountains of red-tape that didn’t exist when we had free trade with the EU.

One thing's strange: Johnson and chums swear the public knew what they were voting for in the Referendum; so why launch an advertising splurge to tell voters what they already know?

Anyway sleep easy everyone: Brexit’s awesome architects are safe. Nigel Lawson lives in France, Farage has got his kids German passports, Aaron Banks lives in Belize, Rees-Mogg’s hedge fund is in Ireland, and Sir Jim Ratcliffe's scarpered to Monaco.

Christian Vassie,

Blake Court, Wheldrake, York