A MAN who threatened to give police officers Covid-19 during the lockdown by spitting on them, has been jailed.

An ambulance crew had asked the officers to deal with Gavin Craig Feetenby's abusive and aggressive behaviour towards them as they treated his ankle injury, said Gareth Henderson Moore, prosecuting.

He spat at the police saying: "I have Covid-19. Come here big boy, get spat on, life ended."

It was one of three separate attacks by Feetenby on police since the pandemic began.

Judge Simon Hickey told Feetenby, "Obviously the emergency services would rather deal with more apt emergencies than yourself in drink.

"They were trying to do the best for you."

"These officers didn't know what disease you may have been carrying."

Feetenby had been drinking vodka in a side alley shortly before the paramedics were called.

"You appeared to have an ankle injury which was self-inflicted," said the judge.

"They were subject to a great deal of abuse (from you) and were disgusted by your behaviour.

"This was amid the Covid-19 pandemic and against paramedics simply doing their duty.

"The sentence has to be custody of some length."

He jailed Feetenby for 14 months at York Crown Court.

Feetenby, 40, of Gargrave House, Birstwith Drive, Acomb, pleaded guilty to four charges of assaulting emergency workers and one of failure to attend court.

For him, Andrew Petterson said none of the officers had actually been injured and none of the spit landed on the officers.

He had medical conditions including a spinal injury which he had received some years earlier, and mental health problems including depression.

He had never been in prison before.

Mr Henderson Moore said the first violence was on April 12, when Feetenby lunged at a police officer who was trying to arrest him.

The policeman put him to the ground and got him in a police van.

Throughout the journey to Fulford Road Police Station, Feetenby threatened further violence towards him.

On May 25, Feetenby was unable to walk or stand when he injured his ankle on Beaconsfield Street, Acomb, and paramedics tried to treat him.

But he was so aggressive and abusive they called for police support.

Feetenby continued to be violent, ignored warnings and was arrested.

Police then escorted him and the paramedics to hospital.

There he made the Covid-19 threat.

On June 26, Feetenby threatened to head butt a police inspector among other threats.

But his attempt to hit the policeman failed.