A TEAM of chaplains at a new hospital in York has been using online technology to lift people’s spirits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trust chaplain Liane Kensett has established chaplaincy services at the new hospital, Foss Park, which opened its doors to service users in York during the pandemic.

The team has made sure it remains visible and available to people in need of spiritual support, via new services such as live virtual meetings and hosting individual video appointments.

Colin Jay, head of chaplaincy at the trust, said: “One of the main aims of chaplaincy is to be there, to listen and to offer hope. Restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus have presented challenges to our team but I have been inspired by the resilience, tenacity and creativity our chaplains have shown.

“We hope that, as lockdown eases a little, people will be seeing more of their chaplains around our hospitals and that some of our face-to-face conversations can resume. In the meantime we are planning more films, online services and groups to help people remain connected.”