RESIDENTS of York have continued to find large food as a woman was “shocked” to find a huge crisp.

Mel Suttill, who lives in the Poppleton area, found the large crisp as she tucked into a share bag with her family on Monday evening.

She said: “We were shocked when we found it. There were a few other large ones in the bag along with this one, but this was the biggest.”

The crisp was found in a bag of Walkers Max Strong crisps, which were the jalapeno and cheese flavoured, bought from the Co-op store in Poppleton.

York residents have found a number of large foods over recent months, including Oliver Dale who became a local celebrity after finding a 7-inch chip while making his tea during the lock down.

This sparked a competition between other residents in the city, who thought they could beat Oliver’s record.

Oliver’s big chip even managed to make an appearance on BBC’s Have I Got News For You earlier in the year and featured in national news.