A YORK man who claims he found the world's biggest chip earlier this year wants to reclaim his title after his chip was beaten.

Oliver Dale, from Huntington, found the 7-inch chip while making his tea during the lock down. He compared the chip to his head and a banana, which it was longer than.

Now, his record has been beaten after 15-year-old Archie Chisnall found a chip measuring 7.1 inches in length.

Reacting to this, Oliver said: " I'm really happy for the young lad, but dont write me off. I'll be on the hunt for bigger.

"I’m happy I’ve spread a bit of fun during lockdown."

Oliver has managed to use his fame as the 'big chip man' to raised £1,300 which he plans to donate to support staff at York Hospital.

Oliver said: "We are still in negotiations with how the money will be distributed."