TV scientist Professor Brian Cox dropped in on a science lesson at a York school.

Year 12 science students at Fulford School and staff from the science department were granted access to an exclusive Zoom call with Prof Cox this morning (Friday).

The school's science team have been organising various activities with students, to make home learning more exciting and also to provide a little light relief.

Not only are universities across the country getting in on the action and providing Ted Talk-style Zoom calls especially for the students, but the wider science community is getting involved too, including the talk with Prof Brian Cox, to inspire the scientists of tomorrow.

After the talk, Prof Cox tweeted: "It was great fun - thank you to everyone!"

Stephen Bailey, department head, commented: "We contacted a number of universities to ask if any staff would volunteer to provide science talks (via Zoom) - we had a superb response and are booked up into next term! One of our colleagues went to school with Brian and asked if he would help us out - he generously agreed."

The lockdown has tested many schools and departments with its delivery of learning, and especially with keeping students and parents interested, motivated and engaged, Mr Bailey said.

Innovation and outside the box thinking has really driven success for the world of science at Fulford School, he added.