CENTRAL government, local government and Andy D’Agorne as York council executive member for transport are all to be congratulated for restricting cars in city centres to encourage walking and cycling during lockdown.

I am far from alone in having enjoyed the much reduced pollution and noise levels and the much improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

In fact I would like to see all except essential traffic restricted to the outer ring-road and park-and-rides; York would be a far finer city to live in and to visit.

No doubt this brands me as an anti-car, environmental activist in the mind of Dr Scott Marmion (Letters, July 7).

However I do have a car but rarely use it in the city, much preferring my bicycle to get about and including for all my shopping; it is usually faster, definitely cleaner, provides me with exercise and is altogether more pleasurable.

Peter Mills,

Oxtoby Court,

Fishergate, York