THE President of the Royal Society, Prof Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, commenting on the society’s two new reports on Covid-19 face masks said: “The evidence shows that masks protect the wearer and those nearby. However, the public remains sceptical about the benefits because the message has not been clear enough and guidelines have been inconsistent. We would like government to be stronger and clearer about the message,” adding that the UK was "way behind" other countries in usage.

Number Ten responded saying: “The use of face masks is always kept under review”; whatever that means! In my experience, leaders promote behavioural change by setting a positive example. Was Boris wearing a face mask when released from hospital after his Covid-19 near death experience? I obviously blinked and missed it.

I excuse politicians speaking formally from a rostrum which is ‘socially distanced’. However, I expect to see them arrive wearing a mask, take it off long enough to make the speech and then put it on again.

Have any of his ministers or MPs of any party been seen wearing a face mask? No, of course not. Follow the science; set the example; and we will follow you. It seems that once again we are lions led by donkeys, sorry asses!

Quentin Macdonald

Manor Farm,

Church Lane,

Nether Poppleton,