AN AWARD-WINNING film producer is planning to create an inspiring 10-minute film to promote Yorkshire as the region battles to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Sid Sadowskyj says an international A-list star has agreed to narrate the film and he is assembling a team of filmmakers whose credits include James Bond, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Star Wars to help him create it.

He says the £250,000 project is being funded by private investors and Yorkshire businesses that want to reaffirm their proud Yorkshire roots whilst championing the region - and he expects the film to generate a minimum of 25 million views via Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Sid, whose film Scott and Sid was shot in York and fought off competition from Idris Elba’s directorial debut to win Best British Film at the National Film Awards last year, said he had wanted to find a project in which he could most help Yorkshire in the post-coronavirus world.

“It’s time to re-imagine how Yorkshire is marketed and we can’t wait to start,” he said. “We believe with the creative vision of this project and its ambition, we can really inspire growth for the region and attract new visitors, customers and investors.”

He said the film would showcase Yorkshire’s best assets, including its economic strengths, most innovative companies, science and technology capabilities and sustainability ambitions as well as its landscape, tourism attractions and its "number one asset - its people".

He added: “The film’s ambition is to present Yorkshire as the number one place to work, invest, play and live. It’s a not-for-profit project with all the funding going directly into the making of and distribution of the film.”

He urged Press readers to come forward with their own suggestions for filming locations, for example by giving their top three places to visit or things they liked to do in Yorkshire, by visiting or