TWO more coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the York area and another two in North Yorkshire.

Latest figures by Public Health England show a total of 901 people in the City of York Council area had tested positive for the virus by this morning, up from 899 yesterday.

This increases the rate in the city to 429.3 cases per 100,000 resident population, which compares with an average of 439.1 for the whole of England and 1,094.3 in the hot-spot Leicester and 778.5 in Bradford.

There were also two additional confirmed cases in the North Yorkshire County Council area, taking the total from 2,514 yesterday to 2,516 today - a rate of 409.4 per 100,000 resident population.

However, the number remained static in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council area at 1,638, which is a rate of 482.3.