I ventured down to my usual barbers on the first day of opening after the coronavirus lockdown to have my "barnet" (barnet fair rhyming slang for hair) cut.

At the barbers in Goodramgate, arriving 15 minutes before the official opening, I wasn't unduly surprised to find my self the sixth in the queue.

With four hairdressers working the queue quickly went down and I soon found my self in the chair.

A muffled conversation ensued with my usual Italian hairdresser who carried on despite wearing a mask.

The air was alive with the snipping sound of scissors going nineteen to the dozen.

Job done, I emerged into the street like a new man as against the hairy beast who went in 15 minutes previous.

Nice to see things starting to return to normal although it's going to take time with the virus waiting to pounce on the unwary.

D M Deamer, Penleys Grove Street , Monkgate,York