DELIVEROO riders are to look out for signs of children being abused or neglected while making their deliveries.

The NSPCC and Deliveroo have announced a new partnership to help children who may be at risk, amid warnings that the dangers are greater during a pandemic as children may be more out of sight than usual.

Hundreds of Deliveroo riders will be given with vital training by the NSPCC to help them recognise children at risk of abuse and neglect, and will raise awareness of an NSPCC Helpline by promoting the number on their delivery bags.

"Deliveroo riders, with their role delivering to homes, are well-placed to spot any emerging safeguarding concerns," said a spokesman.

"The idea of a partnership between Deliveroo and NSPCC was developed when, earlier this year, a rider contacted the NSPCC after becoming worried for a child’s welfare. As a result, action was taken to ensure the child’s safety."

Peter Wanless, NSPCC Chief Executive, said: “Riders and other workers visiting people’s home during the pandemic have the unique opportunity to see or hear things that others may not. Therefore, it is important that they feel confident in knowing what to do if they are concerned about a child."