A MAN who stabbed a woman and her partner with a knife after she rejected his attempt to kiss her has been jailed.

Corey Michael Frayne, 29, was friends with both the victims, York Crown Court heard.

But during a visit to their home, he took advantage of the man’s brief absence to try and kiss the woman against her wishes.

When the partner returned, the two men fought with knives and during the fight, Frayne stabbed both victims.

When police arrived “there was a lot of blood all around the house, in the kitchen, toilet and hallway,” said Abdul Shakoor, prosecuting.

Frayne, of Dale Street, central York, pleaded guilty to two charges of wounding and was jailed for 40 months.

“That is the least sentence I can pass for a knife attack on two people in their home,” said Judge Simon Hickey.

Defence solicitor advocate Graham Parkin said Frayne himself had been injured in a fight with the partner and had had to be treated as an inpatient in hospital.

Mr Shakoor said Frayne and the couple had started drinking at the woman’s mother's house on November 24. They moved to the couple’s house at 11pm. There they continued drinking.

When the partner left to get more alcohol at 2am from a local convenience store, Frayne put his arm around the woman and tried to kiss her.

“She rejected his advances and following that he punched her repeatedly to the face and head,” said the prosecution barrister.

The partner returned to find her lying on the floor bleeding and fought Frayne.

During the fight, Frayne stabbed the woman in the abdomen and the man in the lower back.

Then he left the house, discarded his knife nearby and went home.

The victims went to hospital by taxi.

Frayne was arrested later the same day, York Crown Court heard.

He has a previous conviction for wounding a man outside a nightclub with a glass bottle and stamping on his head, among other convictions for violence.

Mr Shakoor said as a result of the incident, the partner woke screaming in the night on different dates and had flashbacks.

The woman suffered a 2cm cut to her abdomen, a small wound to her forehead and bruising to her forehead and around her eyes.

The partner suffered wounds to his lower back and cuts to his arm, fingers and wrist.

Frayne had a wrist injury and a 4cm cut around the base of his thumb.

Mr Parkin said the 29-year-old had not planned the stabbing. The partner had told police at the hospital he wanted to stab Frayne.

The judge said the partner’s behaviour after the fight could partially be explained by him being “very upset”.