A SALON owner has said the continued closure of nail bars 'beggars belief' as the UK moves to end national hibernation.

Paula Nevin has slammed the decision not to include nail salons in the July 4 reopening, alongside pubs, restaurants and hairdressers, as illogical and unfair.

Paula, of Glamour Tips Nails, Beauty and Training in Boroughbridge Road, York, said she had gone to great effort and expense to make her business Covid-19 compliant.

Her salon has been ready since April. Meanwhile, her rent - to be paid in arrears once she reopens - and household bills are mounting.

"I don't know how much longer I can keep going," she said. "It amazes me you can go to the pub but can't come and have a service done. We all know once you've had a few drinks you're hugging your mates. Our businesses are suffering yet people can go to the beach all day or the pub or have a meal, yet we can't open."

Paula said she lost £1000 worth of bookings during the first week of lockdown alone.

She used part of a Government support grant on new flooring to ensure everything was sanitised, and has spent more than £1000 on personal protective equipment.

Paula has installed perspex screens to separate the four salon nail tables, creating safe cubicles for clients.

"I have bought masks for the girls, visors, goggles, disposable cups for teas and coffees, sanitisers, cleaning solutions."

Questioning the rationale behind the Prime Minister's decision to exclude nail salons, she said: "It beggars belief. I don't understand the logic.

"I know we are touching hands but I've got signs up in the salon asking clients to wash their hands when they enter and we are wearing gloves. We have to change our gloves for every single client so I have had to buy in 400 to 500 pairs of gloves, because on a day we are going to go through, on average, 40 pairs a day.

"I have gone above and beyond to get ready. For him to tell us we can't open, I am fuming. I've messaged Boris Johnson, sent him an email, but no reply. I've been in touch with Rachael Maskell then I phoned York city council. How is this justifiable?

"We are in limbo. He hasn't given us a date. He has not given us any justifiable reason why we can't open apart from the one metre distance. Well we are one metre, across a table with a perspex screen in the middle of us and gloves on. A hair dresser isn't. A hair dresser is right on top of you doing your hair."

Paula employs one staff member, who has been furloughed, while the other two salon technicians are self-employed.

"My member of staff has been furloughed. The other two girls have got nothing. "During the first month of lockdown, I did a raffle and offered someone free nails for life to get some raffle tickets sold for my girls and managed to get them £500 each.

"My main concern is my staff. It's hard for everybody but we have some very loyal clients who are willing to help when times are tough like they were.

"My salon has been sat there for nearly three months doing nothing, and it's been prepared to open Covid-19 compliant. I have done Covid-19 compliant courses. I have done everything I possibly can. I don't know what Boris is trying to pull here but it's certainly not right. "