WHEN I stopped getting The Press after my husband died - he always bought it and went straight for the obituaries - I really missed it.

There's something very reassuring about sitting down with a cuppa, the sheet spread out in front of you and deciding which bit to go for first.

During the last three months, it's often been the beautiful photos of flowers and wildlife – a great antidote to depressing news bulletins.

I've even sometimes read the whole of the business section amazed at the variety of entrepreneurs taking their chance in these uncertain times.

There are personal life stories, advice, pictures of the past that make you wonder at how things have changed. (Could we have a Victorian day in Coney Street when we could dress up in that style shown in a recent Press photo? Carriages optional!)

Country walks, chatty columns, readers' letters, community heroes, puzzles etc.

I just want to say thanks, Press!

A Donaldson

Danbury Drive, York