A RESIDENT has hit out after claiming to see around 50 people urinating in the street in York city centre in an hour.

And now he is calling for floodgates to be closed to control crowds and portable toilets installed.

The resident said the people were seen urinating just feet from the front door of his home near King’s Staith.

Councillors say people are "seriously concerned" about the number of people urinating in the city centre at Tower Gardens and King's Staith.

The resident, who asked not to be named, said large crowds have gathered this week.

"The lack of social distancing is an insult to the NHS, he said.

"If one of the crowd is infected, they will all be infected in a fortnight. But they're treating it like a joke, it's appalling."

He said a glass beer bottle was thrown which narrowly missed him and that women and men were urinating in the street from the early afternoon onwards.

"I have asked the council to reinstall the flood gates to reduce the flow of people and stem the flood of urine. I have asked for portable urinals and toilets where they are needed on the riverside, not just at St Sampson's Square."

"My neighbours are genuinely fearful. It's the next tragedy waiting to happen."

Cllr Fiona Fitzpatrick said the council is working with police, adding: "On the one hand I'm pleased to see businesses are beginning to reopen but on the other hand the anti social behaviour on the river front has to be contained.

"I think we should be pushing for portable loos down at the river front as well as in the city centre. They are bringing their own drink sometimes so it's not necessarily the fault of licensed premises."

Speaking at a council meeting, Cllr Denise Craghill said police could use powers to issue on the spot fines to people urinating in public places.

She said: "We are working really hard to resolve this issue. Public toilets are being signposted."

"I understand the police will now take back their powers to implement on the spot fines for urinating in public - they are preparing for this weekend."We are encouraging people to take their litter away and follow the signs to the toilets."

The council and the police have been approached for a comment.