A YORK policeman who suffered from PTSD after the death of his brother is taking part in a push-up challenge to raise awareness of the condition.

Rich Best, 37, who lives in Huntington, has taken on a challenge with his friends on Facebook to do 25 push ups a day for 25 days, nominating 1 person per day to take up the baton and do the same - and he's aiming high with actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and boxer Tyson Fury.

It's to raise awareness of PTSD, depression and anxiety.

York Press:

Rich Best (left) has thrown down the gauntlet to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Rich said: "I have taken on this challenge because its close to my heart. After losing my brother, Mark, in 2007 to suicide, I suffered with PTSD and depression.

"At the time I didn't know where to go and who to contact, our family were quite closed and it wasn't until I started work in a job as a PCSO for North Yorkshire Police that I was able to get counselling.

"I have never really spoken about it and since I put my first video on Facebook it's opened the floodgates a bit. A lot of my friends have got in touch and said they never realised.There was a point in time where I couldn't speak about it without getting emotional so I decided just not to talk about it.

"I've gone slightly ambitious with the challenge by using a 10kg weighted vest to make the challenge harder and have even put extra weight to take it to 20kg and have explained why. I even had the bright idea to challenge The Rock and Tyson Fury to take part - I've yet to hear back from them, but you live in hope.

"I'm trying to make as much noise about this as possible because these inspirational athletes have inspired me personally and will be able to reach millions of people in one hit."

York Press:

Rich, pictured above doing his challenge, has posted numbers for Combat Stress 0800 138 1619, Mind 0300 123 3393, NHS 111, Help For Heroes 07808 789492, SSAFA 0800 731 4880 and Veterans UK on 0808 1914 2 18. If you need to call the Samaritans, the number is 116 123.