YORK punk rocker Stevie Ze Suicide was stunned after receiving a special box set of Terminator DVDs - signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Stevie, a big fan of the Terminator films, said the Hollywood film star and former Governor of California sent the surprise gift after a friend gave Arnie a copy of his new book, Fragile Butterfly.

The Press reported recently how the book tells about the former UK Subs drummer's colourful life in the music industry, including his encounters with stars ranging from Neil Sedaka to Little Richard and battles against depression and alcoholism.

Stevie said a friend who lives in Los Angeles and knows Arnie bought it and gave it to the star."He said Arnie told him it was 'a good action read.' I couldn't believe it when it arrived signed by him - I didn't know you could send things from America right now and it's amazing he even considered doing this for me."