A PILOT whose glider crashed in a North Yorkshire field was set to undergo surgery today on a broken leg.

The man was taken to hospital after the crash, which happened last Saturday at Burn Gliding Club at Burn, near Selby.

He was cut free from the wreckage by firefighters and taken to hospital. At the time, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service said he had suffered a range of facial and arm lacerations.

But a club spokesman said today his main injury had been a broken leg and he had been in hospital for an operation, which did not go ahead yesterday.

"The operation did not take place yesterday and he's in hospital today for the operation, which we hope goes ahead."

A witness said after the crash that the glider hit a telegraph pole, ripped off its wing and spun across a country road a few hundred metres from the runway of Burn airfield.

But the spokesman said then that there would be a formal investigation to determine the cause of the accident, and the club would have to wait until that was finalised before it was able to comment further.