YORK is home to the healthiest high street in the UK.

Financial services firm Bankrate has created The HealthRate index, analysing the amenities surrounding UK high streets, awarding each city a score based on the healthy life choices, social interaction and mental wellbeing they promote.

York comes out on top with 471 points in total with the unhealthiest high street being Peterborough, with minus 104 points. Glasgow’s high street is home to the most gyms, Cambridge has the most green space and Leeds has the highest number of vegan restaurants.

Vegan, vegan-friendly and vegetarian restaurants such as Goji in Goodramgate, Humpit in Church Street and True Story in Lord Mayor's Walk all helped York to get it's high score. Another thing that counted in York's favour was the number of museums.

A spokesman for Bankrate said: "York’s high score can be partially attributed to the large number of vegan-friendly restaurants - it has 162 - surrounding the high street. The city also has well above the national average number of leisure centres and the most museums."

The Healthiest High Streets

1. York: 471

2. Glasgow: 454

3. London: 379

4. Oxford: 377

5. Cardiff: 357

6. Ipswich: 340

7. Edinburgh: 324

8. Bath: 306

9. Manchester: 305

10. Leeds: 302

The Unhealthiest High Streets

1. Peterborough: -104

2. Rotherham: -77

3. Swindon: -19

4. Slough: -19

5. Poole: 4

6. Luton: 9

7. Blackburn: 15

8. Newport: 16

9. Huddersfield: 17

10. Gateshead: 17 

The average house price in cities that scored highly on the index was £319,691. At the other end of the scale, the house prices in cities with high streets that scored badly averaged out at £216,200.

The spokesman said: "We can therefore see a correlation between having an unhealthy high street, and the value of a home. In fact, homes with a healthy high street nearby were valued on average £103,491 more."

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