A YORK family whose dog passed away at the weekend say they were sent a sign from up above that she's ok.

The Ledgeway family from Acomb lost their Jack Russell, Sunny, at about 9am on Saturday. She was 14, she had diabetes and had suffered a seizure when she died in Jim Ledgeway's arms just as he was getting in to the car to take her to the vets.

The whole family, Jim, 49, his wife Lisa, 50, son Alex, 21 and Lucy, 19 were devastated by the loss of their beloved pet and Lucy's boyfriend, Tom Hogg, took her for a drive to help her clear her head.

Jim said: "Lucy was sitting in the same seat where Sunny had died a few hours earlier, she was crying and she looked up and she saw what looked like the dog's face in the clouds.

"She took a picture and sent it to us and there's a remarkable likeness to a photo we have of Sunny at home. 

"Just by coincidence, they were driving past Clifton Ings where we used to walk Sunny.

"To help her deal with her grief, Lucy shared the photo on Twitter and it's had more than 100,000 'likes' already.

"It's gone a bit mad to be honest, although I know we're a nation of animal lovers, so that's probably got something to do with it."

On Twitter, Lucy, a fashion influencer, tweeted: "My dog passed away in my dad's arms this morning seconds before setting off to the vets. Later in the day we went out to clear our head and I cried to my boyfriend in the seat she died in, just begging for a sign that she’s okay. This is what I was blessed with."

Jim, who works in waste disposal, said the day Sunny died was also his and Lisa’s twenty second wedding anniversary.

He said they had had Sunny for 13 years, having got her as a rescue dog when she was about a year old. Typically Jack Russells live for between 13 and 16 years, so Sunny lived to be a good age.