A YORK man who became a celebrity after discovering a huge chip says a rival found in Milton Keynes is 'no competition'.

Back in April The Press reported on Oliver 'Chip' Dale, who lives in Huntington, and how he was “amazed,” after finding a 7-inch chip while preparing his tea.

At the time Oliver and his chip made national news, as well as featuring on BBC’s Have I Got News For You.

Now a Milton Keynes resident has tweeted the Guinness Book of World Records saying he has a contender for the 'world's longest chip', catching the attention of local media in that part of the world.

'Jonny' told radio station MKFM he was given the chip as part of a take-away meal from Deep Blue Fish and Chip Shop in Woburn Sands.

He took a picture of the mighty fry, before tweeting the Guinness World Records team saying: "What’s the world record for the longest chip/fry? I think this one is a contender (purchased from my local fish and chip shop, Milton Keynes, UK). Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks."

MKFM asked Jonny for the exact length of the chip - but he had already eaten.

The story came to the attention of Angry People in Local Newspapers on Twitter who tweeted 'Your move, @yorkpress'

Oliver, said he had seen the story too, but doesn't see Jonny's chip as competition.

He said: "A few people have contacted me on Twitter saying they have found a bigger chip than mine. However, my giant find was a frozen chip so that unfortunately knocks out the one in Milton Keynes. 

"The whole point of the original story, to get Britain talking during lockdown and it’s worked. I’ve also had people sending me photos of giant fruit and veg which is a great laugh in these unprecedented times.

"Laughter is the best medicine. While I don’t doubt there is a bigger frozen chip out there it’s good to see people are on the hunt and my crown will be taken one day. Until then keep searching Chip lovers."

As previously reported, Oliver is currently fundraising and plans to purchase prizes for 10 members of staff working on the Covid-19 ward at York Hospital, which will be revealed to them in a golden envelope.

To donate, visit: https://bit.ly/36kct9F

Once the prizes have been purchased, Oliver will then decide how to distribute the rest of the money he has raised.

You can contact Oliver on Twitter @OliverD1999