EVERY York resident, worker and visitor is being given their chance to say how they think the city’s roads can be made safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

More than 2,000 have already added their comments to an interactive map of the city put online as part of the Safe Streets York project.

York Cycle Campaign (YCC) is calling for more people to join them and hopes the city council will use the comments to improve the transport network and when applying for £876,000 emergency government funding for transport projects for walkers and cyclists.

“We want walking and cycling to be an option for everyone in and around York,” a spokesman said.

“Right now there are too many gaps in the walk/cycle network but the emergency government funding offers York an unprecedented opportunity to bring its network up to scratch, ensuring that everyone who wants to can choose to bike, scoot or walk.”

The map is here.

Although £876,000 is allocated to the city from the coronavirus cycling and walking projects fund, the council will only get it by applying and telling the government how it intends to spend the money.

The lockdown has seen a big increase in the number of people cycling and walking with huge rises in bicycle sales, bike retailers selling out, and neglected bicycles being put back into working order.

Places on public transport have been drastically reduced to allow social distancing.

More than 3,500 people have now signed the YCC’s online petition for more space on York’s roads for transport other than cars.

The map covers the whole city, with some areas attracting many comments.