An ethical family-run chocolate business in York has created a gift set for dads which supports cocoa farmers around the world.

Choc Affair, which is based in the Yorvale Business Park, launched its handpicked Father’s Day gift set after hearing from male customers how their single origin bars brought back fond memories of global travels. 

Linda Barrie, founder and owner at Choc Affair, said: “Due to current circumstances, holidays are out of the question.

"We hope our Father’s Day origin gift set will bring some chocolate happiness to Dads and provide them and their loved ones to share stories and happy memories about past travel across the world.”

The £11.75 origin chocolate gift set includes four premium dark chocolate bars that originate from cocoa farmers in Vietnam, Peru, Uganda and Colombia.

The chocolate is transported to Choc Affair where their in-house chocolatiers temper it and mould into the bars to create the Choc Affair chocolates.

Linda said: “We’re pleased that in recent years there has been a significant shift in consumers opting to purchase chocolate gifts like ours which is ethical and palm oil-free.

"We work closely with our cocoa farmers and financially support projects in cocoa-growing regions through The Chocolate Dream project.

"By offering support it enables us to provide greater opportunities for the farmers and their communities, and it helps to create positive change in the cocoa-growing industry which is crucial.”

Other handpicked chocolate gifts include hampers, which include everything from flavour infused bars, button, lollies and hot chocolates.

The trade side of Choc Affair has taken a huge hit due to the current pandemic, but sales to members of the public have grown, enabling the business to continue trading, with a smaller socially-distance team. 

Choc Affair - voted the retailers UK’s Number One Chocolate Brand in the Fine Food Digest’s Best Brands in 2019 and 2018 - is an independently-run family business, led by Linda.

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York Press:

Linda's husband Julian is the CEO and oversees the running of the business, whilst her brother-in-law Ian manages the Northern UK sales.

Choc Affair operates an Inclusive Employment Initiative and aims to help individuals who find accessing employment challenging. Currently, Choc Affair collaborates with The Blueberry Academy, which works with young adults with learning differences, and those in the probation system, or in recovery from addiction.