SAFETY kits launched by a York business to help people post-lockdown have attracted global interest.

Garry Stasiulevicuis, who runs BTM Ltd with Simon Best, expects to supply millions of their new StaySafe Kit packs within months of their launch.

He said the 'tables had turned' for BTM, with huge consumer demand opening up new markets. “This was born and bred because of the crisis. We have adapted and thrived."

The StaySafe Kit contains certified face masks, disposable gloves and sanitising wipes and comes in various pack sizes, retailing from £2.99.

Deals are currently being sealed with whole sale and convenience stores in the UK and online, alongside major US retailers and hotels, said Garry.

The StaySafe Reusable Kit contains a reusable face mask, five pairs of disposable gloves and a pack of ten wipes.

It aims to provide a cost-effective and practical impulse solution.York Press:

Simon Best said: “As more everyday activities will require a person to wear a face mask, the StaySafe Kit will meet a new and ongoing shopper demand in a post-lockdown world."

BTM has ensured the kit is as sustainable as possible and the items have been sourced from licensed PPE manufacturers to provide certified protection in compliance with all regulations.

With more shops reopening from Monday, June 15 and people returning to work, the launch comes at a time when social distancing, sanitisation and the wearing of face masks is both accepted and expected.

Garry said: “We have two companies who are ordering seven figures from us. We have one just about to go out the door, with three quarters of a million different items. Another has ordered one million masks."

BTM usually supplies reusable bags to airports but this was hit by the coronavirus crisis.

“We are still doing the bags, but that came to a bit of a stop so we have diversified,” said Garry, who started his previous company, travel retail data specialist Counter Intelligence Retail (CiR), as a one-man band in 2005, which he sold in 2016 to New York-based The NPD Group.

Other potential customers  include airlines, with the FlySafe range.

“This will become the biggest part of our business by a long way. What we will do on these packs in three to six months will be bigger than what we have done with the bags in the past 18 months. We are excited about where this opportunity will take us in the future.

"The bags business was focussed 100 per cent on airports.

"We are now in downtown stores in the States, convenience stores in Asia. It has opened up multiple channels. It has gone from us being out there as sales people to people ringing up ordering five million packs. The tables have turned as a result of us adapting. I think for the next 12 months it will be a growing business."

York Press:

He added: “We are looking at supplying airlines with kits to give to passengers - the FlySafe range. The StaySafe has a lot of interest from hotels. It will take us into new territories. We are already thinking of what’s next."

Other options include the StaySafe Disposable, with one disposable face mask, designed to be carried in a bag for unplanned needs.

The StaySafe Reusable Plus+ comes with a reusable cloth mask and five spare filters, 10 pairs of gloves and 30 wipes.

York Press:

The outer packaging is manufactured from 100 per cent home compostable corn starch material and the gloves and wipes are bio-degradable.

Simon added: “The sustainable kits present a practical and affordable solution for retailers in providing what will fast become an everyday essential.”