A FREE phone app that allows users to see what used to be at various locations across the East Riding using old photos has taken on a whole new dimension, which includes York.

East Riding Archives unveiled the ‘What was Here’ app last year.

Until now, the ‘What Was Here?’ app has let users see through to the past of their surroundings from where they are standing, but now they can also see that past from a bird’s-eye perspective, with historic maps.

Archivist Sam Bartle, who created the app, said: “We’ve gone back 100 years earlier to 1855 to bring you a map of the East Riding, superimposed onto a modern Google Maps base-map. This lets you go back and forth from the present day to 1855 across the whole region using a special ‘opacity slider’.

“There’s also the added bonus of York being included, too.”

‘What Was Here?’ is free on Google Play Store and the App Store.