TWO major York projects have been hit by delays - as the combined authority asks government for deadlines on big developments to be extended.

The Government agreed to put essential funding towards the York Central and train station frontage plans in March - but details have not yet emerged about when the money could be made available.

And plans to dual the outer ring road - the A1237 - and upgrade the roundabouts have been delayed by the need for a new "strategic model" as the schemes are combined.

The West Yorkshire and York Investment Committee will discuss updates on some of the region's biggest projects at a meeting next week.

A report singles out projects where money due to be spent this year has not been spent due to delays.

A planning application has been submitted for the next stage of the York Central development, but the agenda for the meeting says: "York Central Station Access and Gateway scheme is dependent on the housing investment fund for which the announcement was substantially delayed and details have still not emerged to when the new funding will be available from [the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government]. Therefore, total spend on the scheme was approximately £2.5 million less than originally forecast for the year."

It adds that planned upgrades to junctions on the outer ring road have also been delayed - because the project will now be rolled into a single scheme with the dualling of the road.

The report also outlines the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on major projects - warning that it has led to a shortage of materials because some quarries have closed.

It says: "Currently the impact that this has had on our programmes and projects is mixed, but a more positive picture is emerging.

"The main impact is on projects that were due to start on site either in March 2020 or in the first quarter of 2020/21, all of these are currently being delayed by a minimum of three months."

"Projects in development are progressing but delays due to a variety of factors are already beginning to impact on the assurance process timetables."

Issues include contractors being unwilling to start projects in the current climate, difficulties with organising consultations where residents can have their say about projects, and IT problems at some organisations.

The combined authority has written to the government to ask for support and deadline extensions for major projects: "Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Department for Transport have been contacted to seek their support in helping us respond to the challenges posed by Covid-19 with regards extending reporting deadlines and managing possible delays to the programme."

Neil Ferris, director of economy at City of York Council, said: “The York Central Partnership is in discussion with  the government about the details of the funding, including the timing of the investment.

"In the meantime, we continue to work on the site on the site and have a contractor in place so we will be ready to start work as soon as we receive the necessary permission."

Speaking about the outer ring road project, he said: “The delay to the roundabout work reflects February’s executive decision to combine the dualling project with the West Yorkshire-funded scheme to upgrade seven roundabouts.

"This makes more economic sense, will allow coordinated design and construction and will ultimately limit the disruption caused by the works. 

“The two schemes aim to deliver improvements for people using all types of travel providing an alternative to city centre routes thus reducing congestion and improving air quality in our urban areas."

He said both schemes will be developed in consultation with residents and promote travel by walking, bicycle or public transport.