A JOKEY comment about hairstyles between a bus driver and a controller in the canteen at a York bus company has resulted in more than £1,300 being raised for a hospital charity.

First York controller Mark Lytham rose to the challenge of a bald-headed colleague and agreed to shave off his hair for a £100 donation to the NHS.

He then persuaded fellow controller Stuart Scrivener to join him and the head-shaving grew with the participation of female driver Nikki Swann.

The trio’s brave decision caught the imagination of the depot and management team, who added to the fundraising which has been matched by First York’s sports and social club.

Nikki said: “I decided I couldn’t let the controllers take all the credit so I joined in.

"I was a bit nervous and had the most hair to lose.

"But I’m glad we did it and we’re all astonished at how much we managed to raise.”

The money will go to support the work of the York Teaching Hospital charity.

At a presentation, intensive care nurse Laura McGale, the daughter of another First York driver received a cheque for £1,320.

Joe Fenton from the charity said: “We have to say a massive ‘thank you’ to First York for the bravery of the staff who took part and the generosity of everyone in raising this magnificent amount of money.”

Nikki and Stuart, just happen to be partners, which is why they are standing so close together in the photos.

Last month First York announced that the route for its hospital service bus would be extended from York Hospital to York Station Road with additional journeys on a 20-minute frequency for most of the day.