SELBY is one of 18 areas across England that has endured their worst week for coronavirus deaths. 

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that, although deaths due to coronavirus are broadly declining nationally, there is significant variation on a local level - and that Selby is one of 18 areas that has seen up to 50 per cent of the towns Covid-19 related deaths happening in the week ending May 15. 

Data shows that were eight COVID-19 deaths in Selby in the week to May 15 - but still the lowest crude mortality rate from COVID-19 in North Yorkshire. 

The information follows the Prime Minister telling senior MPs at last Wednesday’s  Liaison Committee that local lockdown tactics on Covid-19 would be deployed, adding: “The other day you saw there was an outbreak in Weston-super-Mare. We moved very quickly to close things down there to try to sort it out. These kind of tactics are going to keep driving the virus down and keep reducing the incidents. It is very important that we have a very sensitive test, track and trace operation in order to cope with local outbreaks.”

A spokesperson for Selby District Council said: “Together with regional and national partner organisations we’re working hard to deal with the impact of Covid-19. This planning includes looking at the impact of a local lockdown.  We continue to urge residents to follow the latest Government advice.” 

Dr Lincoln Sargeant, Director of Public Health for North Yorkshire, said: “Testing and contact tracing are important components of managing the Covid-19 pandemic as we move into the next stages have passed the peak of cases. This will help to prevent a resurgence of cases. We welcome progress on establishing the national approach to contract tracing."
“There are well established local arrangements for managing outbreaks, We are building on these arrangements to play our part locally in the national and regional Test and Trace programme.”