Hearing about radio giant Bauer’s decision to close Minster FM and make it a generic greatest hits station, you have to question whether the senior managers actually understand the role the station plays in our community, and the commercial benefit this brings to them.

Beyond the radio broadcasts themselves, I have never seen presenters engage more in the community. These are not faceless presenters, we see them at every event, every launch, visiting schools, supporting every charity – they are approachable and visible. Ben Fry is even our Town Crier and was named Tourism Ambassador of the Year recently.

These people have worked incredibly hard to make the station a success, commercially and in terms of listenership, and it is a kick in the teeth to them and their listeners to abandon this.

We can get greatest hits with no talking using Amazon music, Spotify or a host of other apps. What we want is localism, engaging content we can relate to and a sense of community. And that is what Bauer is destroying.

A sad moment for local media when a corporate giant tramples two decades of fantastic broadcasting.

Jay Commins,

Furlong Road,

Stamford Bridge, York