A PHOTOGRAPHER from York has put together a series of pictures depicting characters from popular culture terrorising the city, as part of a new project.

Johnny Grenda, based in the Huntington area of the city, has been using his time in the lock down to create pictures to keep people entertained online.

Johnny, a former graphic designer, has been using his photography skills to capture shots of York’s isolated, empty streets.

Once he has taken the pictures, he has then edited them to bring them to life with different characters and creatures from popular culture and mythical stories.

The photographer then made these pictures into different ‘memes’ which are used to spread images and ideas of a typically humorous nature.

Johnny, 37, said: “It was a product of boredom one morning during the lock down, but then I saw my images being shared with various York-based Facebook groups.

“I didn’t take the pictures with the intention of making these crazy images, but then I decided I wanted them to stand out from the crowd.

“I have also now been contacted being asked if I would be able to make some similar images, but for commission this time.”

The pictures include a variety of characters ranging between King Kong, Deadpool, dinosaurs and even the Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears in one of Johnny’s edited images.

Johnny said: ‘I built the pictures around the setting and added appropriate characters.”

He captioned these ‘memes’ with “surely 2021 can’t be any worse,” which refers to the disruption the coronavirus pandemic has caused to the UK and countries around the globe.

Many events across the UK have had to be postponed or cancelled all together due to the virus outbreak, and the country remains in lock down after over two months.