Cummings critics are a vindictive bunch

Was Dominic Cummings right or wrong? I don’t know.

What I do know is that the furore on the news is no longer about that.

It is about those MPs in the Tory party he upset who want him out, and the left wanting him out of office because of his work on Brexit and the resounding defeat at the election that he was very heavily involved in.

What a vengeful over-paid bunch.

Les Coverdale, Elvington

Cummings displayed very poor judgement

Much is being said about Dominic Cummings’ recent expedition to Durham county. I wish to consider his imprudence.

Had I been in Cummings’ position, with a wife going down with the virus and a young son, I would want to stay at home.

Apart from giving my wife necessary care, I would keep some distance from her.

If I had a brother-in-law living in London, as Cummings does, I would ask that man to take in my son until my wife recovers.

I would not put wife and son into close proximity with myself in a car and drive over 250 miles.

Nor would I want to subject my ailing wife to the stress of such a drive. And I would not want to expose my ageing parents to the risk of infection.

Then there is the risk of driving long-distance whilst ill.

Finally, I would consider that my reputation for reading the public mind would suffer if I was seen to break lockdown guidance which I had been partly responsible for shaping.

A senior political adviser to a prime minister should, above all, display good judgement.

Failure to do so reflects badly on the prime minister who appointed the adviser. Neither Cummings nor Johnson come well out of this matter.

David Martin,

Rosedale Avenue,

Acomb, York

Some of us are more equal than others

If, as we are led to believe, Dominic Cummings is such an important figure - not only advising but influencing government policies - then why is it that a person of his standing was unable to contact and acquire child care within London so that he did not need to travel 260 miles to find it?

It was obvious the powers-that-be had worked very hard on his press conference speech. However, they forgot the necessary refuelling of the car, and didn’t it catch him out? You could hear the cogs grinding when the question was thrown at him by the young journalist. “I must have filled the car but I can’t remember when.” Then, after a few more seconds of nervous silence: ‘Yes I think we pulled into a service station on the way back to London’.

Cummings’ actions and the Government support for him has guaranteed a Labour government at the next election no matter how far away it is. The voting public will not forget this example of ‘we are all equal but some of us are more equal than others’.

Gordon C Hill,

Anne Street, York