Social distancing measures were a complete joke this last weekend.

During the course of my painful (because of hip problems) but satisfying seven-mile return walk over the Millennium Bridge, cyclists were hurtling along as though they were in the Tour De Yorkshire; joggers were dreaming of being Usain Bolt; and everyone else was jostling for position.

Hopefully we may be at stage three of lockdown, so - fingers crossed and three Hail Marys - no deaths will occur as a result of this tra-la-la freedom weekend.

Am I complaining? No, I’m feeling fantastic. Seeing a light at the end of this dark and bleak tunnel is wonderful. But let’s not blank out the agony of our past. Staying alert and being aware of this deadly virus must ever be our focus.

Phil Shepherdson,

Chantry Close,

Woodthorpe, York

How will we beat virus without common sense?

Some members of the general public seem to think that carrying on as though the virus doesn’t exist is acceptable. Where is their common sense? Until hospital wards and beds are totally empty of affected people, there are no further admissions and everyone tests clear, the virus will not be deemed to be beaten. But how can it be beaten when some folk carry on as they do and risk catching and passing on this awful disease?

Mike Harrison,

Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton